Why get a (new) website?

A modern, editable website using a content management system (CMS) carries many benefits. Some are outlined below.


Mobile Compatibility

Over half of website visits come from mobile users, making mobile compatibility an increasingly important factor in marketing.

Loading Times

With attention spans getting increasingly shorter and more users connecting over mobile data (which is usually slower than broadband), your website's loading speed is key to retaining visitors.


Nobody wants to look at ancient-looking (or puke-green) websites. With fewer design options available, communicating your business' message becomes harder.

Ease of Use

With content management systems like WordPress, updating your website's content after its creation is becoming easier than ever. Say goodbye to unreadable code and hello to word processor-like editing.

Accessibility is important as well, ensuring your business remains usable for people with disabilities. It's also important for users without disabilities, as demonstrated in this example.


In the increasingly digital age, users are increasingly choosing to purchase products and services online. eCommerce allows you to reach a customer base which otherwise may have never discovered your brand.

Reaching new Customers

A website allows your brand to reach more customers, potentially yielding a large increase in sales. *

Engaging with your existing Customers

Most modern CMS allow for integration with a newsletter and/or forums, which can be utilized to increase customer satisfaction and the number of recurring customers.

And much more.

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